Photonics Society Benelux
Welcome to the IEEE Photonics Society - Benelux Chapter

Free 2018 IEEE Photonics Society membership

Students that attended the 2017 Annual Symposium in Delft can have their 2018 IEEE membership totally refunded by the IEEE Photonics Society Benelux Chapter in case of a first year membership.

Students that want to be refunded should first get their 2018 IEEE membership themselves via the website of IEEE Photonics Society. Afterwards, they will get their membership fee reimbursed by the IPS Benelux Chapter. In order to receive this reimbursement, the students have to send the relevant information to Henrie van den Boom (see below), who will proceed with the money transfer.

Information to send the Treasurer of the IEEE Photonics Benelux Chapter

Please send the following information to Henrie van den Boom ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ):

  • a proof of the first year IEEE membership payment (e.g., a copy of bank or credit card receipt);
  • bank account details (name, address, IBAN number).

Mission Statement

The IEEE Photonic Society Benelux is a sub-chapter of the international Photonic Society of the IEEE. In accordance with the Mission statement of our society, our fields of interest are lasers, optical devices, optical fibers, and associated lightwave technology and their applications in systems and subsystems in which quantum electronic devices are key elements. The society is concerned with the research, development, design, manufacture, and applications of materials, devices and systems, and with the various scientific and technological activities which contribute to the useful expansion of the field of quantum electronics and applications.

The Society shall aid in promoting close cooperation with other IEEE societies and councils in the form of joint publications, sponsorships of meetings, and other forms of information exchange. Appropriate cooperative efforts will also be undertaken with non-IEEE societies.



The Benelux Chapter of the Photonics Society was founded in 1996. The Chapter promotes and facilitates the exchange of knowledge and ideas. We do this by organizing workshops and a 2 days annual Symposium, the location of which changes each year so as to promote cross-pollinations of research-cultures in the Benelux region. The student chapter of the Photonics Society Benelux is very active and organizes several meeting annually with lectures from international speakers. It is a good forum for networking and exchange of ideas.



The IEEE is one of the biggest international societies of professional in the technical fields. Membership in the Photonics Society Benelux allows full access to all the resources of the IEEE and the IEEE Photonics society. Additionally, the Photonics Society Benelux has a strong local network of academic and industrial partners.


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