Photonics Society Benelux

Symposium Proceedings 2012

cover symposium 2012

ISBN 978-2-8052-0184-4

  • Ultra-long fibre lasers in telecommunications
    S. K. Turitsyn
  • Advancements in optical fiber sensors
    K. Kalli
  • Application of distributed sensing technology to the energy industry
    F. Ravet, E. Rochat, M. Niklès
  • Tough to beat: perspectives on the next generation of broadband access
    M. Peeters, R. Sharpe, E. Harstead
  • Lateral Leakage Loss of TM-like modes in Silicon-on-Insulator(SOI) Ridge Waveguides
    T. Ako, J. Beeckman, K. Neyts
  • Extension of Marcatili's Analytical Approach for 220 nm high waveguides in SOI technology
    W. J. Westerveld, J. Pozo, S. M. Leinders, K. W. A. van Dongen, M. Yousefi, H. P. Urbach
  • Flat-focal-field integrated spectrometer using a field-flattening lens
    B. I. Akca, G. Sengo, M. Pollnau, A. Driessen, K. Wörhoff, R. M. de Ridder
  • Wavelength noise in ring resonator sensors
    P. J. Harmsma, H. Sadeghian Marnani, S. Chakkalakkal Abdulla, R. Nieuwland
  • A heterogeneously integrated III-V membrane on Silicon-On-Insulator for all-optical signal processing applications
    M. Tassaert, G. Roelkens, H. J. S. Dorren, D. Van Thourhout, O. Raz
  • Component characterization for BOTDR photonic integrated circuit.
    M. Felicetti, J. J. G. M. van der Tol, A. Chighine, R. F. Klein Breteler, D. Szymanski, M. K. Smit
  • Quantitative macromolecular interactions detection with plasmonic optical fiber biosensors
    V. Voisin, J. Pilate, P. Damman, P. Mégret, C. Caucheteur
  • The use of Digital Microfluidics for a Silicon Photonic Sensors Platform
    C. Lerma Arce, D. Witters, R. Puers, J. Lammertyn, P. Bienstman
  • TeraHertz imaging of composite materials
    S. Boivinet, C. Duterte, J.-B. Lecourt, G. Guerri, J. G. Verly, Y. Hernandez
  • Experimental validation of a quasi-distributed polarimetric vibration sensor
    N. Linze, P. Tihon, O. Verlinden, P. Mégret, M. Wuilpart
  • Design of integrated photonic sensor based on Vernier effect for very sensitive chemical surface sensing
    B. Troia, F. De Leonardis, V. M. N. Passaro
  • Temperature-insensitive birefringent FBG in standard optical fibre induced by UV femtosecond pulses
    K. Chah, D. Kinet, C. Caucheteur, P. Mégret, M. Wuilpart
  • Evaluation of a discrete 4-PAM optical link for future automotive networks
    W. Soenen, R. Vaernewyck, A. Vyncke, J. Verbrugghe, J. Gillis, J. Bauwelinck
  • Integrated Photonic Data Read-out Unit Utilizing WDM scheme
    S. Stopinski, M. Malinowski, R. Piramidowicz, M. K. Smit, X. J. M. Leijtens
  • Multi-spot based mode (de)multiplexer for mode division multiplexing over few-mode fiber
    H. Chen, H. van de Boom, T. Koonen
  • Continuous-wave parametric conversion in hydrogenated amorphous photonic wire
    J. Safioui, B. Kuyken, S. Kumar Selvaraja, W. Bogaerts, D. Van Thourhout, G. Roelkens, P. Emplit, R. Baets, S. Massar
  • Photonic multiwavelength transmitters for optical access networks
    K. Lawniczuk, M. J. Wale, C. Kazmierski, R. Piramidowicz, P. Szczepanski, M. K. Smit, X. J. M. Leijtens
  • System demonstration of a InP WDM optical switching module with FPGA-based controller as basic block for scalable OPS nodes
    S. Di Lucente, J. Luo, A. Rohit, S. Zou, K. A. Williams, H. J. S. Dorren, N. Calabretta
  • Numerical and experimental study of III-V on Si microdisk laser p-i-n junction
    P. Mechet, S. Verstuyft, G. Roelkens, G. Morthier
  • Efficient channel waveguide lasers in monoclinic double tungstates: towards further integration with on-chip mirrors
    K. van Dalfsen, H. A. G. M. van Wolferen, M. Dijkstra, S. Aravazhi, E. H. Bernhardi, S. M. García-Blanco, M. Pollnau
  • Photonic Generation of Microwave Signals Using a Dual-Wavelength Distributed-Feedback Waveguide Lasers
    E. H. Bernhardi, M. R. H. Khan, C. G. H. Roeloffzen, H. A. G. M. van Wolferen, K. Wörhoff, R. M. de Ridder, M. Pollnau
  • Broadband switching using Array of Fifth-order Resonators
    P. DasMahapatra, A. Rohit, R. Stabile, K. A. Williams
  • Space-based on-board photonic slit function calibration stimulus
    R. P. Ebeling, P. J. Harmsma, D. Lo Cascio, M. Hoekman, W. P. Beeker, C. M. Bruinink, H. Leeuwis, R.G. Heideman, G. Borst, J. de Vries, J. Dingjan
  • Characterisation of monolithically integrated dual wavelength AWG-lasers for mm-wave generation
    A. Corradi, G. Carpintero, E. Smalbrugge, M. K. Smit, E. A. J. M. Bente
  • Characterization of cascadable excitability in a Silicon-On-Insulator microring
    T. Van Vaerenbergh, M. Fiers, P. Mechet, T. Spuesens, K. Vandoorne, B. Schneider, R. Kumar, G. Mortier, B. Schrauwen, J. Dambre, P. Bienstman
  • The Genetic algorithm simulation of liquid crystal cells
    M. Javad Rabienejhad, H. Azarinia
  • Advanced Monitoring System for Next-Generation Passive Optical Networks
    M. Cen, P. Mégret, M. Wuilpart
  • Non-Reciprocal Response in Heterogeneously Integrated Microdisks
    P. Kumar, G. Morthier
  • Processing Induced Defects in Submicron Active-Passive Areas for InP-based Membranes on Silicon (IMOS)
    R. Zhang, J. van der Tol, M. Smit
  • New Fabrication Method of Trapezoidal Polarization Converters
    D. O. Dzibrou, J. J. G. M. van der Tol, M. K. Smit
  • Generic components for long-wavelength applications
    H. Rabbani Haghighi, D. D'Agostino, S. Latkowski, P. Thijs, F. Lelarge, H. Ambrosius, M. Smit
  • On-wafer testing of Basic Building Blocks in Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs)
    E. Bitincka, M. K. Smit
  • Mid-­IR photonic integrated circuits
    A. Malik, G. Roelkens
  • Fully assembled 120Gb/s transceiver chips for high bandwidth density optical interconnects
    P. Duan, O. Raz, B. E. Smalbrugge, K. A. Williams, S. Dorrestein, J. Duis, H. J. S Dorren
  • Thermal Crosstalk Investigation in an Integrated InP Multiwavelength Laser
    G. Gilardi, M. Wale, M. K. Smit
  • Heuristic estimation of the parameters for passively all-fiber Q-switched erbium- and samarium-doped laser
    C. E. Preda, A. A. Fotiadi, P. Mégret
  • Fabrication and characterization of an InP-based vertical coupling mirror
    R. Santos, B. Barcones, M. K. Smit, X. J. M. Leijtens
  • Modelling and circuit simulation of distributed reflections in integrated optical waveguides and circuits
    D. Melati , F. Morichetti, A. Melloni
  • Wavelength Conversion by Four Wave Mixing in Silicon Nanocrystal Slot Waveguides
    F. De Leonardis, B. Troia, V. M. N. Passaro
  • Investigation of glucose diffusion using an opto-fluidic silicon chip?
    E. Ryckeboer, A. Lee, S. Werquin, J. Vierendeels, P. Bienstman, R. Baets
  • High-Q photonic crystal nanocavities on 300 mm SOI substrate fabricated by 193 nm immersion lithography
    W. Q. Xie, M. Fiers, S. Selvaraja, J. Van Campenhout, P. Absil, D. Van Thourhout
  • Interferometric approach to solve microring resonance splitting in biosensor applications
    S. Werquin, P. Bienstman
  • Modeling of Raman effect in a silicon photonic crystal cavity
    A. Paolicelli, B. Troia, J. Caro, M. M. van Leest, F. De Leonardis, V. M. N. Passaro
  • Metallic nanolaser coupled to InP-membrane waveguide
    V. Dolores-Calzadilla, D. Heiss, A. Fiore, M. Smit
  • Integrated Tunable Semiconductor Laser Geometry Based on Asymmetric Mach-Zehnder Interferometers for Gas Sensing Applications
    S. Latkowski, M. Smit, E. A. J. M. Bente
  • Design of InP membrane laser in a photonic integrated circuit
    S. P. Bhat, G. Roelkens, J. J. G. M. van der Tol, M. K. Smit
  • Speckle velocity sensor for underground infrastructure thermal monitoring
    F. Musin, P. Mégret, M. Wuilpart
  • Wavelength-Converted Long-Reach Reconfigurable Optical Access Network
    N.-C. Tran, E. Tangdiongga, T. Koonen
  • Refractive-index engineering and diode-side-pumped lasing of a rare-earth-ion-doped channel waveguide
    S. Aravazhi, D. Geskus, K. van Dalfsen, S. M. García-Blanco, M. Pollnau
  • Role of gain factor in stability properities of dual wave length operation in quantum dot lasers
    M. M. Abusaa, E. A. Viktorov, T. Erneux, J. Danckaert
  • Concentration quenching of luminescence lifetime in ytterbium-doped potassium double tungstate waveguide amplifiers
    S.A. Vázquez-Córdova, Y.S. Yong, S. Aravazhi, K. Wörhoff, M. Pollnau
  • Reduction of analog bandwidth requirement in photonic on-chip reservoir computing
    B. Schneider, P. Bienstman
  • Characterization and modeling of gain spectra of single-layer InAs/InP(100) quantum dot amplifiers
    Y. Jiao, P. J. van Veldhoven, E. Smalbrugge, M.K. Smit, E. A. J. M. Bente
  • An ultra-high frequency optomechanical oscillators
    R. Van Laer, D. Van Thourhout, R. Baets
  • Design of high-gain, small-footprint ytterbium-doped potassium double tungstate waveguide amplifier for short-distance optical interconnects
    Y. S. Yong, S. A. Vázquez-Córdova, S. M. García-Blanco, S. Aravazhi, K. Wörhoff, M. Pollnau
  • On-chip reflowed polymer microlenses for collimating light from single-mode optical waveguides
    L. Chang, N. Ismail, K. Wörhoff, M. Pollnau, R. M. de Ridder
  • Photoluminescence characterization of integrated III-V materials epitaxially grown on silicon
    B. Tian, Z. Wang, D. Van Thourhout, M. Pantouvaki, P. Mohan, J. Van Campenhout
  • Optimized MMI coupler shape for reduced back-reflections
    E. Kleijn, M. K. Smit and X. J. M. Leijtens
  • Multi-wavelength transmitter employing a filtered-feedback laser
    J. Zhao, K. Dijkstra, M. J. Wale, P. Maat, M. K. Smit, X. J. M. Leijtens
  • Full Calibration of an InP based Monolithically Integrated Optical Pulse Shaper
    M. S. Tahvili, S. Latkowski, E. Smalbrugge, X. J. M. Leijtens, P. J. Williams, M. J. Wale, M.K. Smit, E. A. J. M. Bente
  • Optimization of three cavities in a silicon photonic crystal slab for trapping of bacteria in water
    J. Caro, J. T. Heldens, M. M. van Leest
  • Fibre Bragg Gratings Polarization Dependent Loss evolution during composite materials manufacturing
    D. Kinet, N. Lammens, K. Chah, G. Luyckx, C. Caucheteur, J. Degrieck, P. Mégret
  • Fabrication and characterization of a dense optical bus attached to an AWG
    D. D'Agostino, E. Kleijn, R. Santos, H. P .M. M. Ambrosius, M. K. Smit
  • Combining periodicity and disorder for light trapping in thin film solar cells
    A. Abass, C. Trompoukis, S. Leyre, O. El Daif, D. Van Gestel, M. Burgelman, B. Maes
  • A Lightwave Centralized and Dispersion Immune Hybrid Access Network for Seamless Integration of RoF with Baseband Wired Signal
    S. Zou, B. Yang, Z. Cao, E. Tangdiongga, A. M. J. Koonen
  • Design of monolithically integrated InGaAsP/InP passively-modelocked linear quantum well lasers in an active-passive integration scheme
    V. Moskalenko, A. Pellacani, J. Javaloyes, M. Smit, E. Bente
  • Independent Group Delay and Amplitude Manipulation of Optical All-pass Filter for Beam-Steering
    Z. Cao, Y. Jiao, A. Rohit, H. P. A. van den Boom, E. Tangdiongga, S. Zou, A. M. J. Koonen
  • Irradiation study on InP-based Mach Zehnder modulator
    D. Gajanana, M. G. van Beuzekom, M. K. Smit, X. J. M. Leijtens
  • Characterisation of PbS/CdS Qdot absorption on SOI waveguides
    A. Omari, H. Shinchi, P. Geiregat, D. Van Thourhout, Z. Hens
  • Comparison of OFDR, OTDR, and spectral transmission measurements for the assessment of radiation induced absorption in optical fibers
    A. Faustov, A. Gusarov, P. Mégret, M. Wuilpart
  • Effect of high-temperature high-intensity nuclear reactor radiation on transmission in rad-hard silica fibers
    A. Faustov, A. Gusarov, G. Cheymol, P. Mégret, M. Wuilpart
  • CMOS Compatible Heater Fabrication Approaches for Thermal Tuning of Photonic Devices
    A. Masood, M. Pantouvaki, D. Goossens, G. Lepage, P. Verheyen, D. Van Thourhout, P. Absil, W. Bogaerts
  • Optical fiber refractive index sensors based on hetero-core structures and in-fiber Fabry-Perot cavities
    A. Bueno, C. Caucheteur, D. Kinet, P. Mégret
  • Comparison of various optical fiber types for efficient polarimetric fiber current sensing dedicated to ITER plasma current monitoring.
    M. Aerssens, A. Gusarov, V. Massaut, P. Mégret, M. Wuilpart
  • Investigation of the TCP Performance in IEEE 802.11g Radio-over-Fiber Systems
    S. Deronne, S. Bette, V. Moeyaert
  • Photonic integration and fabrication technologies for on-chip active nanophotonic devices in double tungstate gain materials
    M. A. Sefünc, P. M. Muilwijk, R. T. Eachambadi, R. F. Russo, H. A. G. M. van Wolferen, G. Sengo, E. H. Bernhardi, M. Pollnau, S. M. García-Blanco
  • Raman Gain and Random Distributed Feedback Generation in Nitrogen-doped Silica Core Fiber
    A .V. Lanin, D. V. Churkin, K. M. Golant, S. K. Turitsyn
  • Longitudinal power distribution in random DFB Raman fiber laser
    D. V. Churkin, A. E. El-Taher, I. D. Vatnik, J. D. Ania-Castañón, P. Harper, E. V. Podivilov, S. A. Babin, S. K. Turitsyn
  • Narrow-band random DFB fiber laser
    S. Sugavanam, N. Tarasov, D. V. Churkin, S. K. Turitsyn
  • NLSE-based modeling of random DFB fiber laser power and spectrum
    D. V. Churkin, S. V. Smirnov
  • Calculation of output power of random DFB fiber laser
    I. D. Vatnik, D. V. Churkin, S. A. Babin
  • Experimental measurement and numerical modelling of narrow-bandwidth Yb-doped fiber laser spectrum and time dynamics
    A. Bednyakova, O. Gorbunov, M. Politko, S. I. Kablukov, S. V. Smirnov, D. V. Churkin, M. Fedoruk, S. K. Turitsyn, S. A. Babin
  • On-off and Multistate Intermittencies in Nitrogen Doped Random DFB Fibre Laser
    A. Lanin, S. V. Sergeyev, D. Nasiev, D. V. Churkin, S. K. Turitsyn
  • Rayleigh and Brillouin scattering in metal-coated optical fibers at high temperatures
    S. M. Popov, V. A. Isaev, Y. K. Chamorovskii
  • Broadly Tunable Random Fibre Laser
    A. E. El-Taher, S. A. Babin, P. Harper, S. K. Turitsyn
  • Brillouin fiber laser passively stabilized at pump resonance frequency
    A. A. Fotiadi, D. Kinet, P. Mégret, V. V. Spirin, C. A. López-Mercado, I. O. Zolotovskiy
  • Doubly-resonant Brillouin fiber cavity: algorithm for cavity length adjustment
    C. A. López-Mercado, V. V. Spirin, E. A. Zlobina, S. I. Kablukov, P. Mégret, A. A. Fotiadi

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