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Symposium Proceedings 2015

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ISBN 978-2-8052-0288-9

Photonic integration

  • Widely tunable laser source for trace gas detection fabricated within longwavelength multi-project wafer run using InP based active-passive integration technology.
    S. Latkowski, D. D'agostino, P.J. van Veldhoven, H. Rabbani-Haghighi, B. Docter, P. Thijs, H. Ambrosius, M.K. Smit, K.A. Williams, and E.A.J.M. Bente
  • Design and fabrication of type-II InP-based lasers and photodetectors integrated on SOI waveguide
    R. Wang, S. Sprengel, M. Muneeb, G. Boehm, R. Baets, M.-C. Amann, and G. Roelkens
  • Monolithic Multilayer InP integration for large scale PICs
    R. Stabile, J.Ø. Kjellman, and K.A. Williams
  • DBR based passively mode-locked 1.5 µm semiconductor laser with 9 nm tuning range
    V. Moskalenko, K.A. Williams, and E.A.J.M. Bente
  • Design and Fabrication of a segmented Slot waveguide modulator for InP membranes on Silicon (IMOS) using a highly doped InGaAsP-layer
    A.J. Millan-Mejia, L. Shen, J.J.G.M. van der Tol, and M.K. Smit
  • Slot waveguide microring modulator on InP membrane
    S. Andreou, A.J. Millan-Mejia, M.K. Smit, and J.J.G.M. van der Tol
  • Modelling Band-to-Band Tunneling Current in InP-based Heterostructure Photonic Devices
    J.P. van Engelen, L. Shen, J.J.G.M. van der Tol, and M.K. Smit
  • Thermo-optic tuning of wavelength (de)multiplexers on InP membrane
    Y. Jiao, Y. Jiang, and J.J.G.M. van der Tol
  • Characterization of 3x3 and 4x4 multimode interference couplers in InP generic photonic integration technology
    D.I. Pustakhod, X. Huang, E.M. van Vliet, K.A. Williams, and X.J.M. Leijtens
  • Dual width waveguides for all-integrated giant group velocity dispersion
    J. Ø. Kjellman, R. Stabile, and K.A. Williams
  • Technology development and implementation of a transmitter in generic technology using Buried Heterostructure Semiconductor Amplifiers
    V. Rustichelli, H. Ambrosius, P.J. van Veldhoven, R. Brenot, F. Pommereau, and K.A. Williams
  • Low optical loss n-type ohmic contacts for InP-based membrane devices
    L. Shen, P.J. van Veldhoven, Y. Jiao, V.M. Dolores Calzadilla, J.J.G.M. van der Tol, G. Roelkens, and M.K. Smit
  • Optical characterization of a monolithically integrated photonic Remote Access Unit for 60 GHz wireless communication
    K. Rylander, A. Sosa, S. Latkowski, E.A.J.M. Bente, R. Broeke, D. Tsiokos, N. Pleros, A. Bakker, and T. Tekin
  • Ultra-compact silicon nitride grating coupler for microscopy system
    Y. Zhu, Y. Jiao, J. Wang, W. Xie, B. Tian, and D. Van Thourhout
  • Integrated optical gyroscope
    S. Stopiński, A. Jusza, M. Lelit, L. Augustin, and R. Piramidowicz
  • Design and Characterization of a Broadband Termination Resistance Integrated in a Generic Photonic Foundry Platform
    W. Yao, G. Gilardi, M.K. Smit, and M.J. Wale
  • Design of waveguide amplifiers in high contrast erbium-doped KY(WO4)2 waveguides
    V. Vaiti, M.A. Sefunc, S. Vázquez-Córdova, and S.M. García-Blanco
  • A novel approach of integrating III-V on the silicon nitride platform
    S. Uvin, S. Keyvaninia, D. Van Thourhout, and G. Roelkens
  • High speed electroabsorption modulator in the generic photonic integration platform
    M. Trajkovic, W. Yao, H. Debregeas, F. Blache, K.A. Williams, and X.J.M. Leijtens
  • A multi-wavelength photonic integrated transceiver for free space optical communication systems
    S. Stopiński, M. Lelit, A. Sielecki, K. Anders, P. Szczepański, K. Kopczyński, M. Zygmunt, and R. Piramidowicz
  • Densely integrated membrane-based nano-beam lasers for optical interconnects
    A. Higuera-Rodriguez, V. Pogoretskiy, P.J. van Veldhoven, A. Fiore, D. Heiss, and M.K. Smit
  • Design of uniform and non-uniform DBR Gratings using transfer-matrix method
    D. Zhao, L. Augustin, D.I. Pustakhod, K.A. Williams, and X.J.M. Leijtens
  • Implementation of the Selective Area Growth in the COBRA Generic Photonic Integration Platform.
    F. Lemaître, H. Ambrosius, J. Decobert, M. Achouche, P.J. van Veldhoven, and K.A. Williams
  • Thermal tuners on Silicon Nitride: performance and crosstalk analysis
    D. Pérez, J.D. Doménech, C. Domínguez, I. Gasulla, J. Capmany, and P. Muñoz
  • Design and performance optimization of waveguide tapers for fiber to chip coupling
    A. Rubini, J. Mu, and S.M. García-Blanco
  • A novel approach to an efficient LED on SOI
    A. De Groote, P. Cardile, A.Z. Subramanian, D. Delbeke, R. Baets, and G. Roelkens
  • Fabrication of substrate-less planar silicon photonic crystal cavities
    K. Saurav and N. Le Thomas
  • Lasers

  • Design of an electronically tunable laser diode integrated on the SOI platform
    S. Dhoore, G. Roelkens, and G. Morthier
  • Design of feedback insensitive InP ring laser
    T.T.M. van Schaijk, E.A.J.M. Bente, and D. Lenstra
  • A semiconductor-glass waveguide hybrid laser with ultra-long cavity length
    Y. Fan, R.M. Oldenbeuving, P.J.M. van der Slot, and K.-J. Boller
  • Concept for a membrane DBR laser using active/passive regrowth
    V. Pogoretskiy, A. Higuera-Rodriguez, P.J. van Veldhoven, J.J.G.M. van der Tol, D. Heiss, and M.K. Smit
  • Modelling of a passively modelocked semiconductor-glass waveguide hybrid laser
    Y. Fan, Y. Klaver, V. Moskalenko, E.A.J.M. Bente, J. Javaloyes, P.J.M. van der Slot, and K.-J. Boller
  • Fiber Bragg grating sensor based on external cavity laser
    V.M. Dolores Calzadilla, D.I. Pustakhod, X.J.M. Leijtens, and M.K. Smit
  • Nonlinear optics and nonlinear dynamics

  • Dynamics of cavity solitons in fiber cavities and microresonators in the normal dispersion regime
    P. Parra-Rivas, D. Gomila, L. Gelens, and E. Knobloch
  • Distributed measurement of supercontinuum in an optical fiber using a reflectometry technique
    R. Hontinfinde, P. Mégret, and M. Wuilpart
  • Effect of Filtered Optical Feedback on the Dynamics of Semiconductor Ring Lasers
    M.A. Khoder, G. Friart, J. Danckaert, T. Erneux, G. van der Sande, and G. Verschaffelt
  • Amplified spontaneous emission injection into an optical fiber with the aid of a nematicon
    S. Bolis, O. Debeir, J. Beeckman, and P. Kockaert
  • Improving performance of opto-electronic reservoir computers with online learning
    P. Antonik, F. Duport, A. Smerieri, M. Hermans, M. Haelterman, and S. Massar
  • Biophotonics

  • Transmission Optical Coherence Tomography Based Measurement of Optical Material Properties
    J. van der Horst, A.K. Trull, J.G. Bijster, and J. Kalkman
  • Ring Resonators and Mach-Zenhder Interferometers based sensors in Si3N4
    G. Micó, D. Pastor, J.D. Doménech, C. Domínguez, and P. Muñoz
  • Design of Arrayed Waveguide Gratings in Silicon Nitride
    B. Gargallo, J.D. Doménech, R. Baños, D. Pastor, C. Domínguez, and P. Muñoz
  • Novelty low-cost integrated photonic biosensor using broadband source and on-chip spectral filter
    D. Martens, A. Stassen, W. Van Roy, and P. Bienstman
  • On-chip Axicon for Light Sheet Microscopy
    A. Diaz Tormo and N. Le Thomas
  • Multiplex coherent anti-stokes Raman spectroscopy on a CMOS compatible platform
    H. Zhao, S. Clemmen, and R. Baets
  • Optical sensors

  • A Novel Sensing Scheme Based on Resonance Splitting in Silicon Microrings
    A. Li, Y. Xing, and W. Bogaerts
  • Narrow-band interrogation of tilted fiber Bragg grating refractometers
    Á. González Vila, H. Chikh-Bled, B. Lasri, P. Mégret, and C. Caucheteur
  • Dual 2.5 GHz ring mode-locked laser for Fourier transform spectroscopy
    M. LL. Revull, S. Latkowski, S. Tahvili, K.A. Williams, and E.A.J.M. Bente
  • Design of Cavity-Enhanced Photothermal Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy for Sensing Applications
    A. Vasiliev, A. Malik, M. Muneeb, R. Baets, and G. Roelkens
  • Surface Plasmon excitation at telecommunication wavelength in tilted polymer optical fiber Bragg gratings
    X. Hu, P. Mégret, and C. Caucheteur
  • Performance comparison between two polarization-assisted techniques to measure non-uniform load profiles with chirped FBGs
    F. Descamps, S. Bette, and C. Caucheteur
  • Reflectivity Evolution of Draw Tower Gratings at Elevated Temperatures
    J.Y. Huang, J. Van Roosbroeck, J. Vlekken, and E. Lindner
  • SERS characterization of perchlorates in drinking water
    C.T.N. Noordam, P. Muñoz, R.J.M. Egberink, J. Huskens, and S.M. GarcíaBlanco
  • Optical communications

  • A Low Power 40 Gbit/s Cascaded Extension to Bit-Interleaving Optical Networks Enabling Next-Generation Metro/Access Connectivity
    A. Vyncke, G. Torfs, M. Verbeke, C. Van Praet, H.K. Chow, D. Suvakovic, A. Duque, and X. Yin
  • Building Petabit/s Data Center Network with Sub-microseconds Latency by Using Fast Optical Switches
    W. Miao, F. Yan, H. Dorren, and N. Calabretta
  • SVM training based model for nonlinear phase noise mitigation in 16-QAM multicarrier optical system
    T. Nguyen, M. Wuilpart, L. Van Compernolle, and P. Mégret
  • Capacity Optimization with Discrete Multitone Modulation for Indoor Optical Wireless Communication System
    C.W. Oh, M. Bech, K.A. Mekonnen, E. Tangdiongga, and A.M.J. Koonen
  • A Si3N4 Optical Ring Resonator True Time Delay for Optically-Assisted Satellite Radio Beamforming
    N. Tessema, Z. Cao, J.H.C. Zantvoort, E. Tangdiongga, and A.M.J. Koonen
  • Wet Etched Silicon Interposer for the Connection of CMOS ICs and Optoelectronic Dies
    C. Li, E. Smalbrugge, R. Stabile, and O. Raz
  • Mid-board optics as an essential building block for future data center switches
    G. Guelbenzu, N. Calabretta, and O. Raz
  • Optimization of Existing Access Networks with Low-Cost Multilevel Modulation Formats
    R. van der Linden, N.C. Tran, E. Tangdiongga, and A.M.J. Koonen
  • Design of a segmented modulator driver for advanced modulation formats
    M. Vanhoecke, A. Aimone, S. Dris, D. Apostolopoulos, E. Bosman, G. Van Steenberge, G. Torfs, X. Yin, and J. Bauwelinck
  • Suitability of thick-core plastic optical fibers for Long-Term Evolution multiband transmission
    F. Forni, H.P.A. van den Boom, Y. Shi, E. Tangdiongga, and A.M.J. Koonen
  • Reconfigurable Optical Backbone Network Architecture for Indoor Wireless Communication
    K.A. Mekonnen, E. Tangdiongga, and A.M.J. Koonen
  • A Novel Flat DCN Architecture Adopting Low Radix Optical Packet Switches
    F. Yan, W. Miao, H. Dorren, and N. Calabretta
  • Photonic crystals, metamaterials, plasmonics and new materials

  • Absorption tunability of asymmetric and bridged graphene dimers
    G. Rosolen and B. Maes
  • Graphene plasmons embedded in a gain medium
    G. Altares, G. Rosolen, and B. Maes
  • Finite-Difference Frequency-Domain Method Simulates EM Wave Propagation Properties of Parallel Plate Waveguide with Graphene and SiO2 Layers
    G. He, G. Shkerdin, H. Alkorre, and J. Stiens
  • Amplitude and Phase modulation Designs at 300 GHz Exploiting Graphene Based Waveguide Configurations
    H. Alkorre, G. Shkerdin, J. Stiens, and R. Vounckx
  • Engineering Goos-Hänchen shifts
    L. Lambrechts, V. Ginis, J. Danckaert, and P. Tassin
  • Circularly polarized light generating optical forces between chiral metasurfaces
    S. Viaene, V. Ginis, P. Verhulst, J. Danckaert, and P. Tassin
  • Describing the dispersion of hyperbolic metamaterials by elementary excitation coupling
    F. Vaianella and B. Maes
  • Light-harvesting through chaotic dissipative whispering gallery modes
    G. Kozyreff, M. Mariano-Juste, J. Bravo-Abad, and J. Martorell

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