Photonics Society Benelux

Symposium Proceedings 2018

Plenary Speakers:

  • Dr. Hiroki Takesue, NTT Corporation, Japan
  • Prof. Delphine Marris-Morini, Université Paris-Sud, France
  • Prof. Kyriacos Kalli, Cypres University of Technology, Cypres
  • Prof. Roberto Morandotti, INRS-EMT, Canada
  • Waveguides and fibers:

    Effect of fabrication imperfections on the performance of silicon-on-insulator arrayed waveguide gratings
    M.U. Khan, Ghent University

    Characterization of Modular Nanoseconds Photonic Integrated WDM Switch for Optical Data Centre Networks
    K. Prifti, TU Eindhoven

    Secure high-speed key distribution using chaotic optoelectronic feedback systems
    F. Böhm, Vrije Universiteit Brussel

    Performance Evaluation of Phase-OTDR Sensing System Based on Weak Fiber Bragg Grating Array
    J. Jason, University of Mons

    Photonic Sensing:

    Towards SERS-based on-chip detection of protease activity using nanoplasmonic metal slot waveguides
    N. Turk, Ghent University

    The comparison of on-chip surface enhanced Raman Spectroscopy substrates: Nanoplasmonic bowtie antenna vs metal slot waveguide
    A. Raza, Ghent University

    Modelling and characterization of optical micro-machined ultrasound sensors with a silicon photonic ring resonator in a buckled acoustical membrane
    W.J. Westerveld, IMEC

    Micro ring laser cavity design for biosensing
    L. Chang, University of Twente

    Lasers & Optical Systems:

    A monolithically integrated InP-based DBR laser with an intra-cavity ring resonator for linewidth reduction and SMSR enhancement
    S. Andreou, TU Eindhoven

    Integrated Delay Based Reservoir Computing
    K. Harkhoe , Vrije Universiteit Brussel

    Compact InP-on-Si DFB Laser Diodes
    M. Shahin, Ghent University

    Feedback Sensivity of an External Cavity Unindirectional Semiconductor Ring Laser
    T. van Schaijk, TU Eindhoven

    Photonic Integration I:

    Growth of thin film organic crystals with strong nonlinearity for on-chip second-order nonlinear optics
    A. Hermans, Ghent University

    Development of Plasmonic Slot Waveguide on InP membrane
    A.A. Kashi, TU Eindhoven

    Resonant Coupling for Double-lyer Monolithic Integration of AI2O3 and Si3N4
    J. Mu, University of Twente

    Automated Test Platform at EFFECT Photonics: Key Enabler for PDK Development
    X. Huang, EFFECT


    Design of silicon Mach-Zehnder interferometer and ring resonator with a free spectral range tolerant against waveguide-width variations
    B. Ouyang, Delft University

    Phase Noise Robustness of a Spatially Parallel Optical Reservoir Computer
    J. Pauwels, Université Libre de Bruxelles

    Dispersion engineering of pedestal disk resonators in KY(WO4)2 for Kerr frequency combs
    S.M. Martinussen, University of Twente

    Efficient frequency conversion via Floquet modes in time-modulated cavities
    G. Altares Menendez, University of Mons

    Bright localized patterns and spikes in Kerr cavities
    P. Parra-Rivas, Universite Libre de Bruxelles

    Photonic Integration II:

    Nano-patterned Quantum Dot - LED structures with enhanced photoluminescence emission directionality
    L. Elsinger, Ghent University

    Standardized Layouts for Test and Assembly of Photonic Integrated Circuits
    S. Latkowski, TU Eindhoven

    Wide Bandwidth LED Integrated with Selective Area Growth in the TU/e Generic Photonic Platform
    F. Lemaitre, TU Eindhoven

    Numerical investigation of integrated dielectric pillars to simplify machine learning classification of cells
    A. Lugnan, Ghent University

    Balancing the output power of MMI power splitters
    N. Hossoeini, IMEC


    An integrated laser with on-chip optical feedback for random bit generation
    G. Van der Sande, Vrije Universiteit Brussel

    Calibration of an Integrated 1500nm Tunable Semiconductor Laser for OCT
    R. Pajković, TU Eindhoven

    Sigma-Delta Radio-over-Fiber with Passive Opto-Antenna for Low-Power Short-Reach Optical-Wireless Downlink
    H. Li, Ghent University / IMEC

    Multi-beam microscopy free of sample-induced phase distortions
    A. Diaz Tormo, V Vrije Universiteit Brussel

    Adhesive Wafer Bonding of 2 Inch InP to 3 Inch Silicon Wafers for a Membrane Integrated Photonics Platform
    V. Pogoretskiy, TU Eindhoven

    Continuous Weight Tuning for WDM-based neuron addition in an SOA-Based InP Cross-Connect
    B. Shi, TU Eindhoven

    On-chip beam shaping using lateral leakage
    L. Van Iseghem, Ghent University / IMEC

    Infrared observation of femtosecond laser inscribed gratings
    A. Ioannou, University of Mons / CUT

    Optimization of Hybrid PZT/Si Electro-optic Phase Modulators
    G. Feutmba, Ghent University

    Single-layer active-passive Al2O3 at the wafer level: optimization study
    C. van Emmerik, University of Twente

    Controlling Parasitics in Linear Optical Processors
    I. Zand, Ghent University / IMEC

    Automated test framework for photonic integrated circuits
    D. Pustakhod, TU Eindhoven

    BCB bonding of high topology 3 inch InP and BiCMOS wafers for integrated optical transceivers
    Marc Spiegelberg, TU Eindhoven

    Reflow of Deep UV Resist for Line Edge Roughness Reduction in InP Membrane Waveguides
    J. van Engelen, TU Eindhoven

    Use of factorial design for temperature, humidity, and strain, for characterization of FBGs
    N. Safari Yazd, University of Mons

    Energy harvesting using electromagnetically induced transparency in metasurfaces
    G. T. Oumbe Tekam, Vrije Universiteit Brussel

    Al2O3:Yb3+ microdisk resonator for active biosensing
    Michiel de Goede, University of Twente

    Noise analysis of a resonance sensor platform for enhanced limit of detection
    W. Hendriks, University of Twente

    Simulation study on the optomechanical interaction of suspended graphene on silicon slot waveguide
    K. Rajendran, Ghent University

    Noise suppression in phase-OTDR distributed acoustic sensing for railway monitoring applications
    J. Jason, University of Mons

    Record low losses in TiO2 channel waveguides
    I. Hegeman, University of Twente


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