Photonics Society Benelux

Symposium Proceedings 2019

Invited Speakers:

  • Prof. Laura Lechuga, Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Spain​. Talk title: “Nanophotonic Biosensor Platforms for ultrasensitive clinical diagnostics at the point-of-care”
  • Prof. Liam Barry, Dublin City University, Ireland.  Talk title: “Spectrally Efficient Photonic Systems using Advanced Optical Sources”
  • Dr. Christopher R. Doerr, Acacia Communications, USA. Talk title: “The Marriage of Silicon Photonics and Coherent Communications”
  • Prof. Malte Gather, University of St. Andrews, Scotland. Talk title: Microresonators and Nanolasers to explore the Biomedical World”
  • Waveguides and fibers:

    Design and material selection for enhancing Brillouin scattering in integrated waveguides
    R.A. Botter, Utwente

    Strong S harmonic generation in PZT thin films
    Gilles Freddy Feutmba, UGhent

    Towards an Integration Technology Platform at 1300nm: Ridge Waveguide Design
    J. Hazan, TUEindhoven

    Arrayed waveguide grating in InP-membrane-on-Silicon patterned by 193-nm deep UV lithography
    J.P. van Engelen, TUEindhoven

    Photonic Integration I:

    Technology and Design Flow Automation for Photonic Integrated Circuits
    D. Pustakhod, TUEindhoven

    Tunable terahertz beat note generation based on a monolithic photonic integrated circuit
    P. An, TUEindhoven

    PZT integrated photonics system for hybrid optomechanics
    I. Ansari, UGhent

    On-chip Programmable Microwave Photonic Filter with an Integrated Optical Carrier Processor
    O. F. P. G. Daulay, Utwente

    Lasers and Optical Systems:

    Building Graph-based Programming Strategies for Reconfigurable Photonic Circuits
    X. Chen, UGhent

    Error Analysis of a 3-Layer SOA-based Photonic Deep Neural Network in Image Classification
    B. Shi, TUEindhoven

    An InP-based integrated modulated coherent state source for differential phase shift quantum key distribution
    H. O. Cirkinoglu, TUEindhoven

    Characterization of optical loss and carrier lifetime in integrated IIIV/SOI distributed feedback lasers
    J. R. Vaskasi, TUEindhoven

    Photonic Integration II:

    Towards the Integration of an Ultrashort Polarization Converter on the Twin-guide InPMembrane-on-Silicon Platform
    S. Reniers, TUEindhoven

    Modal Analysis of Fiber-Optical Devices using Digital Holography
    S. van der Heide, TUEindhoven

    On chip micro-thin lens for coupling single-mode optical waveguide
    Y. Xu, UTwente

    Wafer scale technology to integrate photonics on BiCMOS electronics
    M. Spiegelberg, TUEindhoven

    Resonators and Reservoir Computing:

    A poor man’s coherent Ising machine: Solving optimization problems with opto-electronic feedback systems
    F. Böhm, VU Brussel

    A novel Optical Wireless Data Center Network Architecture Based on Passive Diffractive Optics and Fast Tunable Lasers
    Shaojuan Zhang, TUEindhoven

    Coherent Fiber-Ring Reservoir Computer with Distributed Nonlinearity
    J.Pauwels, VU Brussel

    A power-efficient architecture for silicon photonic reservoir computing
    S.Sackesyn, UGhent

    Computational Capacity of Photonic Delay-based Reservoir Computing
    K. Harkhoe, VU Brussel

    Photonics Sensing:

    Porous SiO2 cladding for PIC-based humidity sensor
    F.A. de Bot, TUEindhoven

    Integrated displacement sensor with broad optical bandwidth
    T. Liu, TUEindhoven

    On-Chip Integrating Cylinder Cavity for Ultra-Compact NDIR CO2 Sensors
    X. Jia, UGhent

    A referenced beatnote interrogated biosensor based on coupled DBR laser cavities
    W.A.P.M. Hendriks, Utwente

    Waveguide temperature in a lasing micro cavity
    L. Chang, Utwente


    Grating-induced mode-splitting in an Al2O3 ring resonator
    M. de Goede, UTwente

    Improvement of linearity in a silicon plasma dispersion phase modulator
    Hong Deng, UGent

    Experimental Analysis of a Radio over Fiber Light Fidelity Network
    Benoît Dossoine, TUEindhoven

    Characterization of low-loss optical waveguides in carbon ion irradiated KY(WO4)2
    R.N. Frentrop, UTwente

    Lithography and reactive ion etching optimization towards low-loss TiO2 waveguides
    I. Hegeman, UTwente

    Fibre Bragg Gratings for dose estimation in BR2 nuclear reactor installation
    A. Gusarov, SCK-CEN Belgian Nuclear Research Center

    Optical readout for low resolution weighting and easy observation for integrated photonic reservoir computing
    Chonghuai Ma, UGent

    Design and simulation of an integrated optical circulator on InP membrane platform
    Rui Ma, TUEindhoven

    Ion-exchanged glass / ion-irradiated KYW hybrid waveguides
    S. M. Martinussen, UTwente

    Monolithically integrated microring lasers in silicon nitride photonics
    Jinfeng Mu, UTwente

    Microwave energy harvesting using metasurfaces with different polarizations
    G. T. Oumbe Tekam, VU Brussel

    Parametrization of small-signal gain in multi-quantum-well optical amplifiers
    Rastko Pajković, TUEindhoven

    Disaggregated, Sliceable and Load-aware Optical Metro Access Network for 5G applications and Service Distribution in Edge Computing
    Bitao Pan, TUEindhoven

    Vision-based Localization for Indoor Beam-steered Optical Wireless Communication System
    N.Q. Pham, TUEindhoven

    Characterization of Photonic Integrated WDM Switch Module for Optical Data Centre Networks for DMT Modulation Format
    Kristif Prifti, TUEindhoven

    Analysis of the 1×8 Monolithically Integrated InP Based Wavelength Selective Switch
    Aref Rasoulzadeh Zali, TUEindhoven

    Monolithically Integrated Quadrature EAM Structure for 28 GHz Full Duplex Radio over Fiber
    J. Van Kerrebrouck, UGent

    Dynamics of Yb 3+ doped Al2 O 3 microlasers
    O.N. van Leeuwen, UTwente

    Compact, Ultrabroad-bandwidth, and High-resolution On-chip AWG Spectrometers
    Arthur van Wijk, VU Amsterdam

    Assessment of Reconfigurable OPSquare for Flexible and Cost-effective Optical Data Center Networks
    Xuwei Xue, TUEindhoven

    Tapering optical fibers for biosensing applications
    Maaike Benedictus, UTwente

    POF feeding in Li-Fi systems with MIMO approach
    C.R.B. Correa, TUEindhoven

    Hydrogen plasma cleaning of gold plasmonic nanostructures for better reproducibility of SERS spectra
    N. Turk, UGent

    Dielectric properties of PZT thin films measured inplane for nanophotonic electro-optic applications
    T. Van de Veire, UGent

    Analysis of phase compensation method for the tunable coupler
    Mi Wang, UGent



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