PhD student for Photonic Integrated Circuitry

Photonic Integrated Circuitry for Ultra-high Capacity Indoor Radio/Optical Wireless Communications

Eindhoven University of Technology
Dept. of Electrical Engineering – Electro-Optical Communication Systems (ECO) group
Closing date: January 31, 2016
Contact person: Dr. Eduward Tangdiongga (

Project Description

In this research programme, the student should explore novel optical techniques for generating and modulating radio signals, for transporting these over hybrid networks partly consisting of fiber and partly of wireless links, and for radio/optical beam shaping and -steering. He/she should design and realize integrated optical circuitry which efficiently can perform these functions. The work comprises analytical, simulation and experimental activities. The student will be working in close collaboration with leading researchers from both the ECO and PhI groups as well as experts from the NanoLab@TU/e cleanroom. The final goal is to demonstrate the feasibility of beam-forming and steering for indoor communication applications using photonic integrated circuits.