PhD Position on Optomechanical Coupling of 2D-materials and Integrated Photonic Devices

PhD Position on Optomechanical Coupling of 2D-materials and Integrated Photonic Devices

Ghent University – IMEC, Photonics Research Group
Closing date: Open until filled
Contact person: Prof. Dries Van Thourhout (

Project Description

As a PhD researcher, you will work within the framework of the H2020 OMT Project on “Optomechanics Technologies”. OMT is a large scale European Training Network sponsored by the Horizon 2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions in which academic and industrial partners provide research training on the physics and implementation of Optomechanics Technologies. The ETN research focuses on new technologies based on cavity optomechanical interactions that allow to read out and control mechanical oscillators at the quantum level using optical fields. (further details can be found on the project website, see Your task in this project will be to investigate the interaction of novel 2D-materials such as graphene, MoS2 and others with integrated photonic devices.

Electromechanical actuation of graphene and TMD (transition metal dichalcogenides) membranes have already been investigated for some time. We will integrate membranes of 2D-materials with photonic waveguides and cavities and study the optomechanical coupling between the optical field and 2Dmembranes, which are promising because of their low mass, high force sensitivity, large zero-point motion and high- nonlinearity. You will thereby rely on the vast experience of the Photonics Research Group in the conception, design, fabrication and characterization of novel integrated photonic devices. Coupling to a 2D membrane from an integrated photonic device will allow to increase the optomechanical coupling strength, reduce the dimensions of the membrane and address novel effects (e.g. lifting of thin membranes has been proposed). You will work closely with other partners in the network and the ETN OMT network will offer the opportunity for a long-term research stay in a partner laboratory, including regular training activities organized by the network (see website).

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