PhD Position on Ring Resonator Molecules

PhD Position on Ring Resonator Molecules

Ghent University – IMEC, Photonics Research Group
Closing date: Open until filled
Contact person: Prof. Wim Bogaerts (

Project Description

We are looking for a motivated PhD candidate to work on a novel type of silicon photonic structure based on large lattices of coupled ring resonators. Arrays of coupled ring resonators are positioned in between the field of optical filter circuits and the field of photonic crystals. As in optical filters, the transmission of ring lattices can be seen as the interference of many delay lines organized in a complex feedback mesh. But as in photonic crystals, these structures inherit properties like photonic bands and band gaps. Compared to classical optical filters, or filters consisting of only a few ring resonators, ring lattices have many more degrees of freedom, especially if individual rings can be tuned. Compared to photonic crystals, ring lattices can be engineered in more detail, as control over the individual coupling constants is possible, and nanometer-scale feature control is not as critical.

In this project, the fundamental properties of such ring resonator lattices will be studied, coming from the field of optical filters and of photonic crystals. Also, the similarities with electron orbitals of molecules or nanocrystals will be explored. Ring resonator lattices can be useful for many applications: sensing, spectroscopic measurement structures, but also signal processing. Especially when the rings are combines with active tuning circuits and monitoring, and even with high-speed modulation, they can open up completely new applications. These devices will be fabricated using IMEC’s silicon photonics platform and characterized in the measurement labs at Ghent university.

We are looking with a PhD candidate with a background in photonics, applied physics or electrical engineering. You should have a strong interest in fundamental physics, and some background in solid-state physics, molecular physics and quantum mechanics will be very valuable, given the similarities of ring resonator lattices and electronic orbitals. Basic programming skills (python) will be very useful, and an open mind and a multi-disciplinary attitude is a must.

We offer you the opportunity to work in a large, multi-disciplinary research group that covers a broad spectrum from fundamental to very applied research in the field of integrated photonics.

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