Symposium Proceedings 2021

Invited Speakers:

  • Dr Alessia Pasquazi, Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Sussex, UK​. Talk title: “Microcombs Based on Laser Cavity Solitons”
  • Prof. Christophe Caloz, ESAT-WaveCore, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium. Talk title: “Metamaterial magnetless nonreciprocity”
  • Dr Silvia Soria, IFA-CNR Institute of Applied Physics, Sesto Fiorentino, Italy. Talk title: “Whispering Gallery Mode Microresonators: from rainbow and phonon lasers to sensors”
  • Prof. François Leo, University of Brussels (ULB), Belgium. Talk title: “Solitons in coherently driven active cavities”

Posters (odd numbers):

1. Resonant Waveguide vs Fabry-Perot Cavity: A Comparative Study for CMOS Spectral Sensor Technology
Fatima Omeis

3. FBG responses to polarization, SRI, temperature, and strain in silica-based multimode graded-index fiber
Ying-Gang Nan

5. Low-loss inverted tapered edge coupler for aluminium oxide waveguides
W.A.P.M. Hendriks

7. Photonic chip based biosensing system with fully automatic alignment and parallel detection capability
L. Chang

9. A new analysis method towards highly sensitive plasmonic fiber sensors.
Hadrien Fasseaux

11. Cancer biomarker detection using plasmonic optical fiber grating biosensor
Maxime Lobry

13. Gain simulation of erbium-doped Al2O3 waveguide amplifiers for LiDAR applications
C.E. Osornio-Martínez

15. Study of Gold nanoparticles In Situ Synthesis
María Elena Martínez-Hernández

17. Study of UFMC outdoor Visible Light Communication systems with realistic LED radiation patterns and comparison with OFDM
Véronique Georlette

19. A platform for fast and affordable prototyping of photonic integrated circuits
H. Nikbakht

21. Assessment of the effect of vibration applied to the ITER FOCS in the cryostat bridge
Sung-Moon Kim

23. AlInGaAs MQW laser layerstacks for the InP generic integration platform
M. Zyskowski

25. Low stress Si3N4 waveguides on sapphire substrate
K. Wang

27. 2 Gb/s Receiver for Indoor Optical Wireless Communication with Alignment-free
N. Q. Pham

29. Photonic-Integrated and Highly-Scalable FMCW LiDAR Concept based on Titled Grating Couplers
Vahram Voskerchyan

31. Design of a Wavelength-Meter with Measurement Range up to 100nm and 8 pm precision
Andrea Volpini

33. Low-Loss Reactive Sputter Coated Titanium Oxide Waveguides
Alvaro Aguirre Fontenla

35. Large bandwidth and low driving voltage generic platform based differential phase shifter utilizing QCSE
K. Mehrabi

37. Monolithically integrated InP optical 90° hybrid
H. O. Cirkinoglu

39. Circuit and netlist validation in Nazca Design for mask layout
Marco Passoni

41. Modeling and characterization of InGaAsP selective-area growth with high growth rate enhancement and broad bandgap-wavelength tunning in Sand C-band
Z. Chen

43. Waveguide width effect on increasing the Mach-Zehnder Modulators bandwidth
A. Meighan

45. Efficient Edge Couplers for Hybrid Integrated InP SOAs with SiPh AWGs Wavelength Selective Switches
Xin Ouyang

47. Process Design Kits with Open Standards
D. Pustakhod

49. A study of the grating length, the UV energy, and the heating ramp rate on the FBGs regeneration processes
N. Safari Yazd

51. Surface plasmon resonance-enhanced refractive index sensing with cladding modes in photonic crystal fibers
O. Rusyakina

53. Two-step transfer printed single mode DFB laser on LN
I. Luntadila Lufungula

55. Smart Interrogation of Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors
C. Finet

Posters (even numbers):

2. Polymer Fiber Bragg Grating Inscription using Phase Mask and 400 nm Femtosecond Laser
Ying-Gang Nan

4. Generalized Hybrid Model for Extended Cavity Mode-Locked Laser Diodes
Stijn Cuyvers

6. Janus-yarn based dual-mode fabric for radiative heat management
Alice De Corte

8. Towards wafer-scale integration of InP membranes on 3” InP substrates for next-generation optical transceivers
S. Abdi

10. Coherent FMCW LiDAR system Modelling for Advance Driving Assistance System
Yu Tian

12. Temperature-induced stochastic resonance in time-modulated Kerr nonlinear photonic cavities
Bertrand Braeckeveldt

14. Experimental analysis of the dynamic behaviour of FBG temperature sensors
T. Carlesi

16. Enhanced absorption distribution in butt-coupled UTC-PDs by means of dual optical injection
J.P. de Graaf

18. Taper Designs for shallow-to-deep etch transitions on InP membrane platform
Rui Ma

20. Novel tuning algorithm for continuous and widely tunable integrated lasers
Tasfia Kabir

22. Measurement of precursor linear birefringence beat length of Hi-Bi spun fibre using polarization reflectometry
Prasad Dandu

24. Spectral shadowing compensation for distributed vibration sensing based on weak FBGs array using double-pulse and direct detection.
Fourier SANDAH

26. Resonant tunneling diodes on InGaAs for monolithic integration with optoelectronic devices
E. D. Malysheva

28. Fast reconfigurable optical network with edge data center nodes for low-latency 5G applications
H. Santana

30. Gain spectra and saturation power measurements in a two-section InGaAsP/InP semiconductor optical amplifier at 1.3 um
J. Hazan

32. Sputter coated AlN waveguides for visible and UV wavelengths
S. Mardani

34. An O-band polarization-insensitive SOA building block for SOA-based Optical switches in IMOS Platform
Desalegn Wolde Feyisa

36. The impact of relative humidity on transmission properties of CYTOP polymer optical fiber
Ivan Chapalo

38. Demonstration of hybrid design and simulation of a low-linewidth laser combining InP and SiN platforms
S. J. P. van Uden

40. Impact of phase and amplitude variations in the performance of an InP optical phased array
M. Gagino

42. Efficient thermo-optic phase modulators on indium phosphide membrane
Yi Wang

44. Feasibility study of integrated tunable laser with intra-cavity linear phase modulator for FMCW LiDAR
Limeng Zhang

46. Towards implementation of FMCW LiDAR with quadrature modulator architectures in generic InP photonic integration technology
B.S. Vikram

48. Antibody-based optical grating biosensor for cancer diagnosis (CANCELED)
Evert Jan Bomhof

50. Intermodal fiber interferometer based on broadband source and optical spectrum analyzer: experimental demonstration of the correlation approach
A. Petrov

52. Integrated optical leaky wave antenna for 1D optical phased arrays in LiDAR
L. Van Iseghem

54. Half-coated Tilted Fiber Bragg Gratings for Refractive Index Measurement
T.-B. Zhu