Symposium Proceedings 2022

Invited Speakers:

  • Prof. Camille Sophie Brès, EPFL, Switzerland​. Talk title: “Non-linear optics in Si3N4 waveguides”
  • Prof. Claudio Conti, SAPIENZA Università di Roma, Italy. Talk title: “Photonic extreme learning machines and Scalable Spin-Glass Optical Simulator”
  • Prof. Rachel A. Oliver, University of Cambridge, UK. Talk title: “Nitrides for quantum light sources”
  • Dr. Kasia Balakier, The European Centre for Space Applications and Telecommunications (ECSAT), European Space Agency (ESA). Talk title: “Photonic devices and systems for satellite communication”

Posters (odd numbers):

1. Inverse design of perfectly vertical apodized grating couplers with a gold reflector​
Mingxiang Yang

3. Design of InP membrane SOA with butt-joint active-passive interface
Aleksandr Zozulia

5. Quad Photodiode Array for Optical Wireless Communication
Mikolaj Wolny

7. Monolithically integrated temperature sensor in InP-based generic integration technology
Wenjing Tian

9. Synthesis of an optical waveguide in bulk silica with a femtosecond laser inscription and wet etching treatment
Tunon Lara de Mateo

11. Phase modulation improves performance of delay-based reservoir computing with semiconductor lasers
Ian Bauwens

13. Hybrid mm-Wave and OWC for High-Capacity Indoor Communication System
Carolina Maria Sodré Campos Amaral

15. Design of a Micro-Transfer-Printed III-V-on-Silicon-Nitride 100 GHz-class Modulator
Yihui Wei

17. Design of a 25Gbit/s O-band high sensitivity receiver
Senbiao Qin

19. Amorphous Silicon side-wall grating DFB InGaAs/GaAs nano-ridge laser epitaxially grown on a Si wafer
Eslam Fahmy

21. A Universal Cross-Section Module to Bridge PIC Layout and Simulation Methods
Lodovico Rossi

23. Fabrication tolerant, broadband directional coupler design, modeling, and validation
Yichen Liu

25. Design of dense InP based optical antenna array for 2D beam steering
Fathema Farjana

27. Study of polarization effects on distributed vibration sensing based on FBGs array
Fourier Sandah

29. Towards integration of a Pound Drever Hall frequency stabilized laser system on the InP platform
Rachel Jones

31. Modelling of Brillouin activated normal dispersion microcombs in double stripe silicon nitride waveguides
Yvan Klaver

33. Receiver calibration and quantum random number generation for continuous-variable quantum key distribution
Sjoerd van der Heide

35. Noise-induced pulse-timing statistics in an integrated two-section semiconductor laser with saturable absorber
Lukas Puts

37. Quantum Secured Control Plane Communications
Carlos Rubio García

39. A monolithically integrated widely tunable low linewidth laser source
Ozan Cirkinoglu

41. Proposal for non-contact photoacoustics using silicon photonics-based Laser Doppler Vibrometers
Emiel Dieussaert

43. Parameter analysis in Continuous-Variable Quantum Key Distribution with arbitrary modulation
João Frazão

45. Large size gallium phosphide micro-transfer printing for integrated nonlinear photonics
Luis Reis

47. Time and frequency multiplexed implementation of a deep Reservoir Computer
Alessandro Lupo

49. Electrical modeling of coplanar waveguide and coplanar strip indium-phosphide electro-optic phase modulators
James Arthur Hillier

51. Investigation of polarization dependency on gold-coated multicore fiber
Tianbo Zhu

53. Gamma radiation response of FBG inscribed in 20-µm core graded-index polymer CYTOP fiber
Ivan Chapalo

55. Design and optimization of an Er-doped Al2O3 adiabatic waveguide taper for double layer integration with Si3N4 platform
Carlos Osornio Martinez

57. Aluminum nitride low loss waveguides
Soheila Mardani

59. Implement an optimization model and interface for an optimized operation of Semiconductor Optical Amplifier cascades in optical switches
Desalegn Wolde Feyisa

61. Towards broadband optical wafer-level testing system with on-chip micro-parabolic mirror
Lantian Chang

63. Optical Receiver Front-end Design Choices to Enhance Throughput of LiFi
Xiaochen Liu

65. Edge computing platforms for AI-driven services: from enhanced security to the semiconductor industry
Oumayma Bouchmal

67. Characterization of an AWG based continuously tunable filter
Tasfia Kabir

Posters (even numbers):

2. Application-Specific Optimization of Near-Infrared Spectral Sensors
Don van Elst

4. Robust Beam Width Estimation with Sub-Pixel Resolution in Uncontrolled Imaging Conditions
Pieter Verhulst

6. Semi-nonlinear waveguides for three waves mixing
Romain Morleghem

8. Design and analysis of high-density SOA arrays on indium phosphide
Sander Reniers

10. A QAOA-based solution for routing optimization for optical networks in 6G
Oumayma Bouchmal

12. GaSb Photodiode via Micro-Transfer-Printing for Mid-infrared Applications
Xin Guo

14. Fast switchable supercontinuum generation in strongly-coupled waveguides
Lisi Xia

16. A Python Implementation of Aperiodic-Fourier Modal Method for Electromagnetic Simulations
Marco Passoni

18. RF-choke based on-chip bias-T monolithically integrated with high speed UTC-PD
Jasper de Graaf

20. Design of a Broadband Adiabatic Coupler for Interfacing PICs to Optical Redistribution Layers
Jef Van Asch

22. Evaluation of Attenuation Methods for an Integrated, Weak Coherent Source for Quantum Key Distribution
Julian Konig

24. Performance Evaluation of Beam Steering using piezoelectric actuators
Eduardo Muller

26. A Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach for Computation Offloading at the 5G Network Edge
Catalina Stan

28. Monolithic 16 GHz DBR mode-locked laser in an InP generic foundry platform: simulation and experiment
Jiaxing Dong

30. 637-nm High-Confinement SiN Waveguide Feedback Circuits for Hybrid-Integrated Diode Lasers
Lisa Winkler

32. Improving Alignment of Free-Space Coupling of Multi-Mode Fibres using Off-Axis Digital Holography
Menno van den Hout

34. Comparison between Laser Doppler and Sagnac-based vibrometers from the view of signal-to-noise ratio
Zhizhi Yang

36. Design, Characterisation, and Demonstration of a Hot-Air-Based Optical Turbulence Generator
Vincent van Vliet

38. Micro-Transfer-Printed Photodiodes on Silicon Nitride for High-Speed Communications
Dennis Maes

40. Towards a Fourier-Domain mode-locked laser system with an integrated Mach-Zehnder interferometer as frequency filter
Joel Hazan

42. Study of linearity and chirp range of an integrated tunable laser for FMCW LiDAR
Limeng Zhang

44. Extreme Learning Machines based on Optical Frequency Combs
Alessandro Lupo

46. Demonstration of low differential phase noise for optical phased arrays with optical amplification
B.S. Vikram

48. Design and fabrication tolerance analysis of a polarization insensitive spot-size converter for InP-membrane-on-silicon platform
Zhaowei Chen

50. Properties of Fiber Bragg Grating in CYTOP Fiber Response to Temperature and Humidity
YingGang NAN

52. Design of multiwavelength meta-grating couplers for Free-Space Beam projection from a SiN photonic integrated circuit
David De Vocht

54. Design of a 785 nm/ 1.85 µm wavelength demultiplexer based on multimode interference coupler
Kai Wang

56. Additional Parallelism for Photonic Integrated Convolutional Neural Network
Bin Shi


60. Design of a Unidirectional Laser by using a Nd-doped Taiji Resonator for Sensing purposes
Dahnée Wojcik

62. Optimizing LED performance for LiFi: bandwidth versus efficiency
Diego Vargas

64. Tailoring of electric dipoles for highly directional excitation in parity-time symmetric waveguides
Alice De Corte

66. Polarization-sensitive reflectometry for distributed magnetic field measurement in thermonuclear reactors: impact of dynamic range
Prasad Dandu