Symposium Proceedings 2023

Invited Speakers:

  • Dr. Nathalie Picque​, Max Planck Institute, Garching, Germany​. Talk title: “Optical frequency combs for sensing”
  • Prof. Frederic Grillot, Telecom Paris and Univ. New Mexico, France. Talk title: “Semiconductor quantum dots: why are they so quantum? Genesis, prospects and challenges”
  • Prof. Christine Silberhorn, Dept. of Physics, University of Paderborn, Germany. Talk title: “Integrated optics and pulsed light for quantum networks”
  • Dr. Thomas Van Vaerenbergh, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Belgium, European Space Agency (ESA). Talk title: “Tales from a researcher’s pilgrimage – The challenging road towards an Optical Computing Advantage”

Posters (odd numbers):

1. Thermal design considerations for vertical integration of InP nanophotonic membrane devices with InP electronics​
Salim Abdi

3. Using Optical Ring Resonators for True-Time Delay: Investigating the Required Delay Bandwidth
Bart Bas

5. Design of C-band electro-absorption modulator/DFB laser monolithically integrated with selective area growth on InP membrane
Zhaowei Chen

7. Parity-time symmetric waveguides coupled through chiral materials
Alice De Corte

9. UV Photonic integrated Circuits for Structured Illumination Microscopy with High Optical Throughput
Shiqi Fang

11. Electrochemical etching – a way to enable transfer-printing of III-nitride devices
Natalia Fiuczek

13. Equivalent circuit modelling of high-speed coplanar strip InP-based Mach-Zehnder phase modulators
James Hillier

15. Simulations of a sub-kilohertz linewidth laser in monolithic indium phosphide
Julian Konig

17. Finite Element Modelling of Liquid Crystal Orientation and Its Applications in a Tunable Bimodal Periodic Waveguide
Jiayi Liu

19. Toward Speckle-free Laser Engines on Chip for AR/VR displays
Dennis Maes

21. A computationally efficient tool for calculating the field in a multi-mode fiber
Bernat Molero Agudo

23. Micro-Transfer Printing for cm-scale Heterogeneous Integration of Lithium Niobate
Margot Niels

25. Comparison of annealing methods for photonic Ising machines
Toon Sevenants

27. Design and Fabrication of Low Loss SiOx Waveguide for Applications in the UVC wavelength range
Chenming Su

29. Complex vector fitting toolbox: a Python package for the baseband macromodeling of multi-wavelength linear and passive photonic integrated circuits
Thijs Ullrick

31. Printable Optical Nonlinearities: Micro-Transfer Printing of Periodically-Poled Lithium Niobate
Tom Vandekerckhove

33. Design of Subwavelength-thick metalenses with polarization-insensitive
Yunjie Yan

35. Investigating factors influencing the reflectivity of aluminum thin layers on 3D printed micromirrors
Yaxiang Zeng

37. UV photonics integrated circuit for biomolecule detection with SiO2 as a waveguide core on CaF2 substrate
Xiujun Zheng

39. Aluminium oxide 1×8 splitter tree for blue light
Bjorn Jongebloed

41. Coherent Ising machines on photonic integrated circuits
Ruqi Shi

Posters (even numbers):

2. Heterogeneous integration of evanescently-coupled GaAs-based amplifiers for laser systems emitting in the near-infrared
Konstantinos Akritidis

4. Ultra flat butt-joint interface in InGaAsP-based active/passive waveguides
Zhaowei Chen

6. Dispersion adapted Nonlinear Schrödinger equation to simulate Kerr effects inside a Bragg grating
Timothé David

8. Characterization of optical waveguides engraved in silica planar substrates with a femtosecond laser process
Tunon De Lara

10. Comparison of thermo-optic phase shifters in silicon platforms
Yuxi Fang

12. VCSEL wavelength tunability using controlled mechanical strain
Salah Guessoum

14. Numerical comparison of sensing performance of a microring resonator and Mach-Zehnder interferometer in Al2O3
Bram Kok

16. Implementation and Comparison of Dilithium/Kyber and Falcon/Kyber PQC software stack on data processing units
Daniel Christian Lawo

18. Microscopy on a Chip
Chunyu Lu

20. Process flow optimization for a fabrication-friendly polarization converter design on the  monolithic integration generic InP platform
Kolsoom Mehrabi

22. Dissipative coupling between ring resonators for large area, single mode lasing at visible wavelengths
Korneel Molkens

24. Influence of waveguide taper length on the total loss of an Al2O3:Er3+ ‒ Si3N4 vertical coupler
Carlos Osornio Martinez

26. Fluctuation imaging of nanoscale disorder in monolayer semiconductors
Tom Sistermans

28. Low-loss Hybrid Optical Waveguides in Amorphous Silicon Carbide
Mohammad Talebi Khoshmehr

30. Modeling of programmable lenses with liquid crystal elastomers
Vincent van der Doef

32. A Non-Invasive Pre-Bonding Screening Method for Cascaded SOA-based Photonic Integrated Circuits
Xudong Wang

34. Semi-analytical model for electrically injected monolithic GaAs on silicon nano-ridge laser diodes
Andualem Yimam

36. Integrated Gyroscope Performance for Wide Temperature Range using SiN Ring Resonators
Limeng Zhang

38. Directly modulated DFB lasers on InP membrane on Si
Aleksandr Zozulia

40. On-chip Distributed Fiber Sensing based on Stimulated Brillouin Scattering
Zhizhi Yang

42. Enhancing modulation efficiency and reducing transmission penalty in double-layer graphene modulators through waveguide design optimization
Tom Reep