Feb 8, 2016: Pre-symposium social activity

Feb 8, 2016: Pre-symposium social activity

The student board kindly invites you to their social event: A discovery of Belgian beers in the reknown brewery of Cantillon http://www.cantillon.be/br/3_1.

According to their website, Cantillon is a time machine. Since the 1900’s, it has been a home to several famous beers such Lambik, Geuze, Faro and Kriek, a home which has been preserved with care and which still produces excellent beers until this day. Those who join the tour will enjoy a guided beer tasting followed by a walk through the centre of Brussels.

If you have any quesitons please do not hesitate and send a mail to Sophie Viaene.

Hoping to see you all in Brussels,

With kind regards,
The student board.